Uses: 2 supply.
Hull: Unspecified
Armor: Unspecified
Scramble Sensors
Deploy Sentry
Mobile Hyperspace Detection
The DP20 is used as a scout by the Alliance. It can conceal itself from enemy forces and deploy listening posts which reveal the gravity well.




Activated ability that will automatically fly the ship to another planet

Sensor Scramble

Targeted ability that will scramble targeting sensors in a wide area and prevent enemies from targeting this vessel. Doesn't require antimatter to activate, however it drains 1.1 antimatter per second when active.

Deploy Sentry

Deploys a series of three listening posts to reveal a gravity well. They are invisible to normal sensors.

The outpost can be activated for 1000, temporarily turning it into a HoloNet Relay.

Mobile Hyperspace Detection

Passive ability that allows the ship to detect incoming enemy vessels.