There are seven total factions in the galaxy of Sins of a Solar Empire. Six of these factions are controllable by the player: the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), the Galactic Republic, the New Republic, the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance and Yuuzhan Vong. The seventh faction, the Pirates, are an NPC faction that exists only to collect bounties by destroying ships of the other three.

Confederacy of Independent SystemsEdit

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Galactic RepublicEdit

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New RepublicEdit

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Galactic EmpireEdit

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Rebel AllianceEdit

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Yuuzhan VongEdit

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Piracy is a constant problem in the galaxy with raids taking place on a regular basis by the unscrupulous pirates. Those who take part in piracy don‘t care who they attack as they have no political views on the subject. They go where the money is, which is determined in part by Bounty, however the TEC Rebels can become immune to pirate raids through Truce Amongst Rouges allying them to the Pirates. The ships that the pirates use are mock-ups of the TEC vessels, have a stronger hull, but no shields at all.

Piracy and BountiesEdit

Pirate attacks can be stopped in a specific system by destroying their base. This will stop the attacks in the system where the base was located, however, pirates will still be present in other systems. If all pirate bases are destroyed, players will be unable to use the bounty system unless there are three or more players in the game because other players might try to collect bounty.