Please read through these following instructions before editing so that the wiki stays clean and organized. For the most part, its just a simple format, allowing for maximum wiggle room for editors.

Ship's pagesEdit

The format of the Hardcell-Class TRN page is to be followed for the creation of all pages relating to ships.

If you plan to add a ship, please head to the relevant faction page (Star Destroyer? Go the the Empire page. Venator? Republic.) and follow the red link. This helps avoid confusion.

There is a header outling the role/s of the ships, its weaknesses and strengths and usefulness.

Then outline the abilities the ship has, and how they can be used most effectively. don't include squadrons, they'll get a seperate page.

Then comes tactics, with each major one described in a dot point. Any basic ones- something you dont need to explain, like basic scouting or a basic envoy- leave at the bottom in a sentence.

For the moment, the infoboxes arent working the way we'd hope, so just put a picture of the ship in the top right hand corner. It should be cropped down to size, with the side of the ship that is most lit, with nothing in the background except the skybox. Hopefully, the SoASE wiki will provide us with a copy of their infoboxes for our own use.

Tactics & FactionsEdit

The tactics section of each faction should be done like the ships, except dont mention basic tactics. Each tactic has its own dotpoint.

Copy the format used by the ships if you want to add in the structures. 

Multi faction tactics get their own page, with plenty of detail and an example game if acclipable. Point out what factions it can be used in and what style it is- where it is a game ender (rushing) or a set up (economic rush).

Will add more instructions later, until then the structures are made like the ship's pages (unless they cant have tactics.)