MC80 'Liberty'

Cost: Credits icon4998 Metal icon512 Crystal icon639
Build Time: 155 seconds.
Uses: 39 supply.
Hull: 4150
Armor: 4.5
Shields: 13000
Antimatter: 500
Squadrons: 4
Armor Class: Heavy
Turbolaser Front Damage: 231
Turbolaser Side Damage: 231
Turbolaser Rear Damage: 231
Turbolaser Range: 7500
Turbolaser Cooldown: 7.5
Ion Cannon Front Damage: 81
Ion Cannon Side Damage: 81
Ion Cannon Rear Damage: 81
Ion Cannon Range: 7500
Ion Cannon Cooldown: 7.5
M. Turbolaser Front Damage: 79
M. Turbolaser Side Damage: 79
M. Turbolaser Rear Damage: 79
M. Turbolaser Range: 4500
M. Turbolaser Cooldown: 5.6
S.R. Laser Front Damage: 2.3
S.R. Laser Side Damage: 2.3
S.R. Laser Rear Damage: 2.3
S.R. Laser Range: 2250
S.R. Laser Cooldown: 1.3
Planet Bombing Damage: 56
Backup Shields
Performance Boost
Heavy Ion Blast
The MC80 'Liberty' is one of the most heavily armed variants of the MC80 line and can effectively combat the Empire's Star Destroyers.


This ship has abilities that can be leveled up.


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Work in progress.

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