Neutronium Extractor
Cost: 500 Credits icon 0 Metal icon 0 Crystal icon
Build Time: 19 seconds.
Uses: 0 Logistic slot(s).
Hull: 2500
Armor: 0
Extracts raw ore resources from metalloid asteroids.

The Neutronium Extractor is one of two primary resource gathering structures in Sins of a Galactic Empire. They are quite cheap, when compared to ships, but a large amount are needed to fill a planet. This small cost racks up considerably. The same model is used by all factions, except the Vong. The Neutronium resource they extract (The SoGE version of metal) is the more common of the two resources, and as such, a surplus of said material is quite common.


As a critical, but numerous, structure in the formation of any and all empires, the early game cost of fitting out an entire planet can be quite debilitating. Each faction has their own technology to reduce the cost of these, and it is strongly recommended that one gets this. The CIS has the unique ability to reduce the cost down to 40% of the original cost, but has a prequisite of the Trade Port technology. For every other faction, the cost reducing technology is a Tier I technology, and readily available.

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