The Republic has a long and epic history, dating back tens of thousands of years. Eventually growing to encompass most of the known galaxy, it was easily the single most powerful galactic power prior to the Clone Wars. Due to this influence and history, the Republic has powerful cultural bonuses, including unmatched military buffs for fighting where friendly culture is present.

While Coruscant was not built in a day, at the beginning of the Clone Wars, the Republic's navy was not sizable and required rapid expansion to face the Separatist threat. Through calling upon it's various member worlds, and numerous shipyards, the Republic built up it's navy at unparalleled speed in great numbers. This is reflected in their research, which both speeds up ship production and reduces the purchase cost of new vessels.

Industry & CommerceEdit

Name Civics Labs Prerequisites Effect
(Per Level)
Automated Production 2


Orbital Refinement 4 Unlocks Refinery 1000/150/250
BoSS Customs Registry 4 Unlocks Spaceport 600/50/100
Sectional Fabrication 4 Automated Production 1000/150/250
Geared for War 6 Sectional Fabrication 1400/250/400

Civil EngineeringEdit

Name Civics Labs Prerequisites Effect
(Per Level)
Insulated Arcology Type I 2 300/25/50
Basic NMHT 2 600/50/100
Oversector Jurisdiction 3 800/100/175
Familiar Paths 3 Oversector Jurisdiction 800/100/175
Shielded Arcology Type II 4 600/50/100
Wormhole Navigation 4 1200/200/325
Sector Governance Edict 5 1200/100/200
Enemies Abroad 5 Sector Governance Edict 1200/200/325
Enhanced NMHT 5 Basic NMHT 1200/200/325
Galactic Recognition 6 Sector Governance Edict 1400/250/400

Domestic PolicyEdit

Name Civics Labs Prerequisites Effect
(Per Level)
Pan-Galactic Culture 1 400/13/25
Interstellar Networks 1 800/100/175
Jedi Service Corps 2 Pan-Galactic Culture 600/50/100
Legendary History I 2 Pan-Galactic Culture 600/50/100
Addictive Consumerism 3 1000/150/250
Chancellery State Views 4 Pan-Galactic Culture 1000/150/250
Critial Mass 5 Addictive Consumerism 1400/250/400
Legendary History II 5 Legendary History I 1200/200/325
Cultural Monopolization 6 Critial Mass 1400/250/400